Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vivid Discussion: How Grown is "Too Grown?"

Rising star, Willow Smith has been catching headlines for her side-shaven hair cut and creative fashion choices since she unveiled the look in December of last year. The "Whip My Hair" singer is talented without a doubt, but she or rather her parents-- superstars Will and Jada Smith have been criticized for allowing their nine-year-old daughter to dress the way she does. Some argue that her threads and haircut are wacky, while others say they are simply "too grown." Jada has said that she wants to give her daughter room to be creative and express herself, but is self-expression worth all of the negative attention? Little Willow went from this:

To this- in a matter of months.

Drastic eh? The new look may be the Smith's effort to make Willow more edgy and 'on trend' for her budding music career, but the majority doesn't seem to be buying it.  Though her current look (the first picture) is not as extreme as the others, the look below provides a happy medium between young rock star and growing adolescent. Do you think Willow's look is too grown? Sound off in the poll on the upper right!


  1. It may be a tad much for 9 if she were 12 she would be on point. If Willow is choosing her style her self, the girl has skills. But as an entertainer I Love it for her! Geeesh people its entertainment and she is 9 what nine year, glad she has her own style and not following someone else!

  2. I'd much rather see her wearing this than to be wearing booty shorts and bra tops like some of these other kids running around here. I say kudos to her for following her own style. Most people three and four times her age can't say the same.