Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vivid Discussion: Black Girls and Butt Inhancements?

Big butts have become widely accepted in the mainstream media in recent years, so  it is no surprise that having bigger assets is popular. Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have been praised for their curves and items like the booty pop have been making millions on the market. Big butts have always been popular in my neighborhood, but the girls that didn't have them weren't devastated by the absence of a big booty. Lately it seems black women are dissing what their mama's gave them and seeking ways to enlarge their derierre. Most recently the rapper we love to hate, Nicki Minaj has been accused of having butt injections and the "Bootylicious" singer herself, Beyonce has been accused of wearing butt pads.

 To me, Nicki's butt looks faker than a three dollar bill. Everything about her shape screams unnatural. On the other hand, Beyonce has always had a nice size backside and curves to boot. It wasn't until this picture emerged a few weeks ago that my eyebrow raised:

Bey, what's up with that unsightly bulge in your shorts? Are black women going the extra mile to put a lil' junk in their trunks? Would you rock a butt pad or get injections? Sound off in the poll on the upper right.


  1. When I saw the booty pop commercial for the first time, 1. I laughed my a** off 2. I said *out loud* that they look extra artificial! I'd rather do extreme cardio to get a more defined backside...

    I think celebrities are portraying this image where women have to look "perfect" and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that look. This image can really mess up an onlooker *mainly adolescent girls* self esteem. Then they start making alterations at an early age...ugh...sorry let me get off my soap box ;)

  2. I agree...the problem is that who really can say what "perfect" is. These so called role models should be promoting loving ourselves as we are instead of trying to fit the mold. Nicki Minaj has this whole Barbie thing and Beyonce's curves are getting more and more Barbie like (tiny waste, perfect curves).


  4. I do know Beyonce do not have a butt. She was asked on an interview about the word bootilishous, she said the term was meant for Kelly and Michelle as they had big booties, she said she did'nt have a booty, but she had hips and thighs. I used to so like her, but in recent times she is getting carried away with all this fake butt and this ridiculous faked pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with using a surrogate. Stop the lies now and maintain the little credibility you have left girl. As for Kardashian and Minaj go look for earlier pictures of them and you will see them with just a small booty, and now they are sporting these exaggerated elephantine butts. The only real butt is JLO!