Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love on the Rocks? Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman

I love Rachel Zoe as much as the next girl, but am I the only one who thinks her and Rodger's marriage will end soon? The stylist, known for her 'Zoeisms' and over-the-top persona has dressed many of Hollywood's biggest stars, but seems to have a hard time balancing her burgeoning career and her personal life. On tonight's episode of the Rachel Zoe Project, Zoe's assistant, Brad even spoke up about his boss' neglect for her husband. Here are five reasons I think Rachel and Rodger's marriage will soon spiral out of control.

1. Rachel's shopping habits. Her obsession with Chanel, love for Hermes leather pyramid cuffs and vintage shopping are going to break the bank.

2.They work together. Who wants to spend an entire work day with their spouse, and then come home where they continue to discuss the happenings at work. Rachel needs to leave work at the office so they can enjoy their limited time alone.

3. Rachel isn't ready to have a baby. She's been pushing it off for the past year and Daddy Rodge is ready to have a kid. Not only that, but she seems to squirm at the mere thought of having sex...

4. Rachel's career is number one. Rachel seems to care more about her relationships with her clients and employees than her relationship with her husband. It would be different if she were a starving stylist trying to get her foot in the door, but she is an established style maven, spend some time at home!

5. They're on a reality show. When have we ever seen a couple survive reality TV? Jessica and Nick? Heidi and Spencer? Whitney and Bobby? (LOL!)Camera's following their every move isn't helping their situation, especially considering how Rachel seems to give Rodger a hard time even when he's trying to be the voice of reason.

I wish them the best, but only time will tell. Hopefully Rachel see's this post in time. Until then, the cameras are watching and we are too.

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