Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Solange for Rimmel London

Singer, DJ, and spokesmodel Solange Knowles has a new ad campaign for beauty brand Rimmel London. When asked about being the face of Rimmel she said:
"I am very careful of ever putting the role model tag on my shoulders. I am human and I am expected to have imperfections and make mistakes. However, if there are positive things I do that inspire or influence people I feel like my purpose as a person is that much more fulfilled. When I announced my role with Rimmel, I felt really proud to see such a positive response especially being that I represent someone of color, a single mom, an artist...and that I don't have to compromise my views to do so!"

I must say, Solo is working it all the way out in these photos. HOT! Read more of her interview here.

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  1. Ah, she has quite a face. I adore the colours and her cheekbones;-)