Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Italian Vogue’s May 2011 Tribute to Black Beauties

Claire Sulmers from my favorite fashion blog, The Fashion Bomb Daily wrote an article for Vogue Italia for a tribute to black beauties. Here's an excerpt:
"A tribute is due to the woman whose skin tone ranges from alabaster to mahogany to smooth onyx, who can flawlessly carry any makeup look—from gold dusted lids to fuchsia blush to ripe purple and pink glosses. These pages pay homage to the versatile woman whose hair can oscillate from a tightly coiled and coifed Afro, to sleek layers, to a slicked back pixie cut in a matter of minutes. To the divine woman whose enviably full lips, strong, white teeth, and delightful smile have been known to electrify the hearts of many."

 Black is beautiful!

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  1. A few years ago the Italian Vogue did a special tribute in a separate booklet to black Barbie dolls. I absolutely loved it! I'm preserving it now so it can neatly grace my coffee or end tables once I get my own place. I appreciate the love Vogue Italia!